Main sewer connections

Main sewer connections for your property

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A connection to the main sewer would only be possible when the nearest main sewer is located within a viable distance from your property and it is a cost effective solution. This can be calculated by obtaining plans from the local water authority and we can establish if it is firstly a possible solution and also to determine if there is a sufficient gradient from your property to the main sewer for the waste to fall freely.

If there is sufficient gradient to the main public sewer then we would propose to excavate from a point within the boundary of your property and construct an inspection chamber (manhole) to receive the waste from your property. The excavation would then continue into the public highway, to the main sewer where the connection would be made via a new branch and spur. The new pipework would be laid and the system tested to determine all connections are watertight etc.

Should there be insufficient fall to the nearest main sewer then the proposed system will employ a pump and main to pump the effluent from the property to the main sewer.

In order to connect to a main sewer, it will be necessary to obtain the consent of your sewage services undertaker (water company) for the main sewer connection, although we can do this on your behalf if required. It will also be necessary for you to inform your water company of the main sewer connection, so that they can amend their billing details to include sewage services.

  • We are fully insured with a £10,000,000 Public / Product Liability
  • Our engineers are trained and hold street works licences
  • We can apply for the road opening licence and main sewer connections on your behalf