Drain PipesBlocked Drains, Emergency Drain Clearance and Repair Basingstoke

Here at ASL Drainage, we know that  a blocked drains can cause a real problem in any domestic or commercial environment and can often be a cause of stress and frustration. As any drainage company would rightly recommend, blocked drain prevention is much better than cure. However, if your drains have become blocked and are causing problems – big or small – here at ASL Drainage we are here to help. Offering effective drain cleaning and blocked drain unblocking services throughout Basingstoke, our professional and knowledgeable team will be on hand to fix your problem as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Read on to find out more about historical Basingstoke and the blocked drain services we offer to our customers who live in this stunning area of England.

Our Basingstoke Blocked Drain Service Offers:

  • Blocked drain
  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked toilet
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain repair
  • Emergency drainage
  • Blocked sewer
  • Sewer repair
  • Drain clearance
  • Drain maintenance
  • Blocked manhole
  • Septic Tank
  • Blocked sewer
  • Watermain repair/new watermain

Blocked Drain Services We Also Offer:

  • CCTV drain survey
  • Sewer inspection
  • House purchase drain survey
  • Drain mapping

Emergency Blocked Drain Repairs

Occasionally, you may find yourself face-to-face with an emergency drain situation. If this is the case, there is no need to panic because ASL Drainage offer emergency drain repair callouts to customers in Basingstoke 24/7. We wanted to ensure we could serve all our customers in Basingstoke as effectively as possible, offering some of the best drainage services in the area. And the way we do this is by offering 24/7 emergency drain services. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

Blocked Sewer Services in Basingstoke

If you have a blocked sewer in Basingstoke, it can cause sewage to build up and maybe even overflow through your drains. A blocked sewer is a significant health risk to your family and should be fixed as soon as possible. Our team of experts at ASL Drainage are some of the best and can attend to your blocked sewer and unblock it for you quickly, safely and with little or no disruption to your daily life.

Sewer Connection for Properties in Basingstoke

Do you require a sewer connection for your property in Baskingstoke? ASL Drainage are the drain company for you. We have all the experience, technology and tools to install a sewer connection in your property. Although legally you do not have to purchase a sewer connection for your property, it is important you have an approved method of sewer disposal, whether that be a septic tank, cesspit or a sewerage system. Whatever you decide, ASL Drainage are the drainage company for you. We can install a sewer connection for your property that works well and is long-lasting. If you would like to know more about our sewer connection services in Basingstoke, please do not hesitate to call ASL Drainage today!

Drain Inspection Services Using CCTV Drain Survey Technology

At ASL Drainage, we aim to provide one of the best services of any drain company in Basingstoke. That’s why we use thorough drain inspection services. Using the technology of a drain camera and utilising the latest CCTV technology, we can determine the cause of the problem and clean your drains more effectively than ever before.

We can use our CCTV drain survey and drain camera technology to carry out a thorough drain inspection and diagnose the problem. If we discover a problem with your drains, a blockage in the system or a broken pipe, we are able to locate it easily and fix the problem for you. If you would like to know more about our CCTV Drain survey, drain camera or drain inspection services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at ASL today!

Septic Tank and Tank Empty Services in Basingstoke

If you own a septic tank on your property in Basingstoke, it is essential you have it maintained, emptied and cleaned regularly by a professional. Your septic tank can easily become blocked, clogged, overworked or broken if you do not have tank empty services and blocked drain clearance carried out regularly. If you would like to request septic tank or tank empty services, ASL are the drain company for you! Give our team of septic tank and tank empty experts a call today for more information.

Drain Cleaning

Here at ASL, we are proud to offer drain cleaning services to all our customers in Basingstoke.  Our team don’t just offer drain unblocking services, we also specialist in drain cleaning to help maintain the health of your drains. Our drain cleaning service is one of our most popular offers in Basingstoke and we have many repeat customers in the area.

New Watermain, Watermain Repair and New Drain

Do you have a watermain in your Basingstoke property? ASL Drainage are the drain company for you. We install new watermain systems for properties throughout Basingstoke and we also offer watermain repair services, should you require a repair to be carried out on your property watermain. In addition to our watermain services, we can also provide and install a new drain for your property, should you require one.

A watermain is ideal for your property and ensures you have a fresh supply of clean water. If you would like to know more about the watermain services we offer, please do not hesitate to give our team at ASL Drainage a call today for more information.

Blocked Toilet Basingstoke

Do you live in Basingstoke and struggle with a blocked toilet? It’s not a problem that you should put up with. In fact, a blocked toilet is extremely unhygienic and can cause a lot of health problems. So, it’s important you get the issue fixed as soon as possible.

If you have a blocked toilet in Basingstoke, call our team at ASL Drainage today for more information.

Blocked Sink Basingstoke

Basingstoke suffers from blocked sinks just as much as everywhere else. However, here at ASL Drainage we are a team of specialists ready and available to help unblock your blocked sink. You don’t need to struggle with a blocked sink in your property any longer, ASL Drainage are here for you.

Fixed Price Drain Clearing

We are proud to offer FIXED PRICE drain clearing and unblocking. We will clear your blocked drain for £89.00 plus VAT*. Unblocking is carried out with the use of rods or jetting to break down any blockages or obstructions.

ASL Drainage – The Difference

But you may be wondering what makes us different from all the other drain services out there. Well, as a company, we have been trading since 1998 so when it comes to drains, we really know our stuff! We are a family run business and take pride in our work. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we will always put the needs of our customers first. As an established, professional and highly reliable company that has been vetted by Check-a-trade since 2000 – the team here at ASL Drainage are here to deal with all your draining requirements. No job is too big or small, we can fix it all. Give us a call today!

Basingstoke and What We Offer

Here at ASL Drainage we are passionate about offering our drain unblocking and cleaning services throughout the Basingstoke area. All our staff are highly-trained, experienced and professional providing expert services to all of our customers.

To offer our customers in Basingstoke the ultimate service, our friendly and helpful staff are available 24/7 for all drain problems, whether domestic or commercial.

A Bit About Basingstoke

The name Basingstoke is believed to have been derived from the town’s position as the western settlement of Basa’s people. Today, Basingstoke is often nicknamed by its residents as “Doughnut City” because of the number of large roundabouts on its roads.

Basingstoke as a Market Town

Basingstoke was recorded in the Domesday Book as a market town and has held a regular Wednesday market since 1214. Basingstoke remained a market town until the early 1960s. The market sold multiple goods such as local produce, materials and brews. The cloth industry became especially important in the development of the town until the 17th century when brewing began to rise in prominence. Today, Basingstoke still has a regular market that you can visit and purchase products from as many people would have done hundreds of years ago.

Basingstoke Victorian History

The arrival of the London South Western Railway in 1839 from London brought new opportunities for travel, trading and employment. During this time, Basingstoke began to move into industrial manufacture, moving into the production of stationary steam engines in 1860 and then traction engines during 1870.

Basingstoke During World War II

Basingstoke was very fortunate to suffer very little bomb damage during the tragedy of the Second World War. However, a couple of German bombs did fall in the Church Square on 16th August 1940 where they destroyed part of a row of houses in Burgess Road. Six people were killed in a raid and, after the war, the town had a population of 25,000. Basingstoke was developed rapidly after the war to accommodate part of London’s ‘overspill’.

Basingstoke Today

Basingstoke attracts visitors from all over the world and many attractions for visitors, from cafes, shops, restaurants, Roman heritage and much more. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, the area has stunning walks and beautiful views. Visit Basingstoke today and walk through the Victorian streets, explore the houses and workplaces of historical figures and discover what life was like there throughout history.