Blocked Drains, Drain Repair and Emergency Clearance Cranleigh

Do you live in Cranleigh and suffer from blocked drains or need a drain cleaning service? ASL Drainage is the service for you! We have experts throughout Cranleigh who are available on 24/7 callout for all your drain needs, whether emergency call out or not. Our drainage specialists are highly trained with years of experience in drainage to provide you with expert services.

ASL Limited in Cranleigh Offers:

  • Blocked drain
  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked toilets
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain repair
  • Emergency drainage
  • Blocked sewer
  • Sewer repair
  • Drain clearance
  • Drain maintenance

We Also Cover:

  • CCTV drain survey
  • Sewer inspection
  • House purchase drain survey
  • Drain mapping

At ASL, we carry out all drainage works ourselves and pride ourselves in the quality and efficiency of our work. We are a fully insured company with all the resources needed to rectify any drainage problem we may encounter, including CCTV technology which is effective in assessing where the problem is within the pipe system itself.

Emergency Drain Repairs in Cranleigh

Sometimes, we are faced with drain problems that require emergency assistance. Such as, for example, a burst pipe, overflowing sewage or a flooding kitchen to name but a few. With ASL Drainage, there is no need to panic. We offer extremely fast emergency callout services to our customers in Cranleigh 24/7 hours a day. So, if you have a drain repair emergency, call ASL Drainage today!

Blocked Manhole Clearance, Cleaning and Repair

If you discover your manhole is full of water, sewage or debris, it is blocked and needs clearing. ASL use our drainage expertise to clear blocked manholes, clean then and repair any damage that may have been done. Our professionals first rod your manhole to dislodge or clear any blockages, they then jet the drain thoroughly to wash it out and clean it, before repairing any damage that may have been caused by the blockages.

If you have a blocked manhole, there is no need to panic – our team at ASL have the knowledge and experience to clear your blocked manhole effectively and cost-efficiently. Call us today!

Blocked Toilet Cranleigh

Here at ASL Drainage, we are proud to provide our customers in Cranleigh with blocked services all week long. If you have a blocked toilet that you’ve been struggling with in your Cranleigh property, give our team at ASL Drainage a call today to find out more about the blocked toilet services we offer our customers.

Blocked Sink Services in Cranleigh

Having a blocked sink in Cranleigh is a troublesome problem. Not only does it cause general frustration and issues with daily duties, it is also a very unhygienic problem.

If you’ve been struggling with a blocked sink in your Cranleigh property, why not call our team at ASL Drainage today? We have a team of blocked sink specialists available to help you with your blocked sink problems.

Fixed Price Drain Clearing

We are proud to offer FIXED PRICE drain clearing and unblocking. We will clear your blocked drain for £89.00 plus VAT*. Unblocking is carried out with the use of rods or jetting to break down any blockages or obstructions.

Call ASL Limited Today

We believe that it is our hard work and excellent customer service that means our customers come back to us year after year and recommend us highly to people they know. Check out our ratings on Check-a-trade. We have been members on this site since 2000 and have been providing high-quality service to our customers for decades. Our high level of service has earned us an outstanding reputation in Cranleigh and throughout the UK. Give us a call today!

What Makes Us Popular in Cranleigh?

Here at ASL Drainage, we work off reputation, so it is our customer’s recommendations that give us work. This motivates us to work as hard as we possibly can to provide the best possible service to each individual customer. We know that every drainage problem is different but over the years we have fixed drainage problems from domestic properties through to commercial, from small blocked drains right up to large tank installations and we have done it all ourselves with our team of experts and the resources we own.

Cranleigh’s History

Cranleigh is a large village and civil parish almost 8 miles southeast of Surrey. Until the mid-1860s, the village was usually spelt Cranley but the Post Office succeeded in getting the spelling changed to help avoid any confusion with nearby Crawley. Historically, Cranleigh was of little interest in prehistoric times and it wasn’t even mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Post Industrial Revolution

As with many small villages, growth came to Cranleigh as improvements were made to transport. There were three people who played a major part in the development of the village during the nineteenth century: Reverend John Henry Sapte, Doctor Albert Napper and Stephen Rowland.

Napper and Sapte set up the first cottage hospital in Cranleigh in 1859 which survived many attempts to close it by simply raising funds in the local community. Stephen Rowland made major developments in the infrastructure of the village by setting up a grocery store, forming the Cranleigh Gas Company and arranging for a mains water supply.

World War II

During World War II, Cranleigh suffered some bombing. On August 1944, the infant school was hit by a V-1 flying bomb and demolished. Thankfully, nobody was inside as it was an early Sunday morning and the school was empty. The only casualty was the Rector who was tending his garden nearby and was injured as a result of the bombing. Another flying bomb hit the gasholder on the Common, destroying both the structure and a nearby cottage, whose occupant was sadly killed.

St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church is well worth a visit if you are a lover of books as the church has a gargoyle, situated on a pillar inside the church, which is said to have inspired Lewis Carroll to create the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. This beautiful Anglican Church dates back to around 1170, when its first building was built.

What to do in Cranleigh

There are several things to see, do and enjoy in Cranleigh. This attractive market town has a lovely village atmosphere which offers something for everyone. With a wealth of independent shops and a market every Thursday, Cranleigh is host to several events throughout the year including Cranleigh Carnival, Cranleigh Bonfire and many other festive events to launch the turning on of the Christmas lights.