Dorking blocked drains, drain clearance and repair

ASL Drainage are drainage experts and have a number of local drain specialists in Dorking available to help you with all your blocked drain. We are a highly-regarded drain company in Dorking who offer exceptional drain clearing and cleaning throughout Dorking. We also provide blocked drain services for a blocked toilet, blocked sink, blocked sewer, blocked manhole, and much more, including new watermain and watermain repair services! If you require a drain company, ASL are the solution to your drain problems!

At ASL Drainage, we know it’s reputation that counts which is why we aim to serve each of our customers with the best drainage service in Dorking. Ultimately, our customers come first and it is because of them that we are getting much of the business we get today.

ASLDrain Unblockers:

  • Blocked drain
  • Blocked sink
  • Blocked toilets
  • Drain cleaning
  • Drain repair
  • Emergency drainage
  • Blocked sewer
  • Sewer repair
  • Drain clearance
  • Drain maintenance
  • Blocked manhole
  • Blocked sewer
  • Watermain repair
  • New watermain

We Also Cover:

  • CCTV drain survey
  • Sewer inspection
  • House purchase drain survey
  • Drain mapping

Emergency Drain Repairs in Dorking

Here at ASL Drainage, we know that sometimes drainage issues can come out of nowhere. One day you wake up and you have a blocked toilet, a blocked sink and maybe even a blocked manhole! That’s why we offer a fast emergency drain callout service. We can fix your drain problem as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. If you have an emergency drain repair need, ASL Drainage are here for you.

The Drain Repair Services ASL Offer in Dorking

At ASL Drainage, we offer exceptional drainage services throughout the historical town of Dorking and our staff are all fully trained, equipped and available 24/7 to attend to any drainage problems or emergencies, domestic or commercial, as quickly as possible! If you have a blocked drain, no matter the extent of the issue, our team at ASL Drainage are the drain company in Dorking you can rely on!

Septic Tank Empty Services

We know that septic tanks require emptying, once in a while. That’s why, at ASL Drainage, we offer efficient tank empty services to customers throughout Dorking. Our drainage staff are all fully trained, equipped and available 24/7. We now offer septic tank empty services in Dorking, so if you require a tank emptying service, please do not hesitate to give us a call today.

Blocked Toilet Services We Offer in Dorking

Do you have a blocked toilet? It’s pretty unpleasant, isn’t it? But not to worry because our team of blocked toilet specialists are available to help unblock your blocked toilet in Dorking.

If you have a blocked toilet, we would advise that you do not try to fix the problem yourself as it can make it worse. Instead, call the professionals to fix the problem for you so that you don’t have to.

The Blocked Sink Services in Dorking We Offer

Here at ASL Drainage, we are proud to provide our customers in Dorking with blocked sink services. We know that having a blocked sink can be a serious problem, affecting the health and hygiene of your family. If you would like a team of specialists to fix your blocked sink in Dorking, call our team at ASL Drainage today.

Fixed Price Drain Clearing

We are proud to offer FIXED PRICE drain clearing and unblocking. We will clear your blocked drain for £89.00 plus VAT*. Unblocking is carried out with the use of rods or jetting to break down any blockages or obstructions.

Drain Jetting in Dorking

Drain jetting is one of the most effective methods for thoroughly clearing and cleaning your drains. At ASL Drainage, we offer effective drain jetting services to all our customers in Dorking. Our drain jetting services in Dorking are extremely popular and are the most effective drain cleaning method we offer. They are so effective, in fact, that our drain jetting services have been known to dismantle tree roots and clear debris from your drains within seconds! If you’re not convinced, contact the team at ASL Drainage today to find out more about our drain jetting services. We are the company you can rely on and we offer drain jetting throughout Dorking, but it is an incredibly popular services so be sure you don’t miss out!

Dorking CCTV Drain Surveys

For the most thorough and technologically advanced drainage survey in the UK, give us a call. Here at ASL Drainage we offer detailed CCTV drainage surveys and we can even offer you a DVD recording of the results if you require it for insurance reasons. We use the latest CCTV technology here at ASL Drainage and it helps us to complete a job as accurately as possible. With CCTV technology, we are able to locate the drain blockage or problem, assess what needs to be done and carry out action. With the combination of our resources, knowledge and expertise you can guarantee your drainage issue will be fixed in no time and it certainly won’t be coming back. When it comes to effective services, ASL Drainage are the drain company for you.

For Any Drainage Problem ASL are Here to Help!

If you live in Dorking and need a drainage company, ASL Drainage are the drain company for you. We offer unbeatable service and results! We carry out all jobs at ASL ourselves and we will arrive with all the resources we need to rectify whatever drainage problem with face.

A fully insured, reliable and highly-recommended company, here at ASL Drainage we know everything there is to know about drainage and we can fix yours with no trouble at all! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today and let us fix your drains for you!

Dorking’s History

Dorking is a flourishing market town in Surrey, England. Dorking began as little more than an agricultural village where the quality sand was used for mortar and glassmaking, particularly during the 19th century, this sand was excavated from the Dorking Caves.

During the Medieval period, Dorking was a prosperous agricultural and market town with numerous businesses, including brewing and milling. It was the construction of the turnpike road in 1750 that sped up Dorking’s growth and Dorking began to develop from just being an agricultural village into a thriving town with new opportunities thanks to the improvement in transport.

When the railway arrived, Dorking improved even more. Although the area lost its stagecoaches when the railway arrived, it started attracting the wealthy who would arrive on the railway and build large houses in and around the town. These new, wealthy visitors bought with them many new opportunities for work and education.

Over the years, Dorking has continued to flourish and grow.

Things to do in Dorking

Today, Dorking is a charming town with plenty of things to see and do for everyone. Surrounded by the beautiful Surrey Hills, Dorking has retained its natural beauty and, when visiting, you can catch a glimpse of the wooded hills and vast downland as you walk along the historic streets of the town.

People love visiting Dorking and find that it’s streets offer a myriad of stunning discoveries, including various arts and crafts shops, art galleries, cafes restaurants and fashionable vintage shops. You can even spoil yourself with a touch of shopping, take a walk in the fresh air or spend your day sightseeing the local attractions.