News Roundup 25/09/18: English Water Firms Vow to Cut Bills by Up to 10.5%

September 21st, 2018 News Roundup: There have been a number of surprising and shocking stories in the news recently involving animals, people, and even moving ground! Read on to find out more!

English Water Firms Vow to Cut Bills by Up to 10.5%

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In addition to tackling leaks! Thames Water and three other major firms in the UK water industry have announced plans to cut down on bills by reducing leaks in households around the country. The plans have come after a huge amount of political and regulatory backlash against the industry’s performance this year.

Water Companies Criticised as Amount Lost from Leaks Rises for Second Year

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Water firms around the UK have been criticised after it has been discovered the amount of water lost through leakages has increased for the second time in a consecutive year. One of the private water companies that serve the UK, nine failed to meet their targets in cutting leaks. In fact, leaks have increased by 1.5% – leading to a wastage of around 3,170 million litres every single day.

Life’s a Beach on World Ocean’s Day

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As part of an initiative to help protect our beaches from litter, volunteers gathered on September 17th for a shoreline beach clean-up. The event was part of the Big Beach Clean Up that sees hundreds and thousands of people participate and clean coastlines around the UK. The beach clean-up was a huge success and prevented large amounts of rubbish from entering our oceans, helping to protect animal and marine wildlife. In partnership with Anglian Water and Keep Britain Tidy, the BeachCare project helps look after our shorelines and is doing a fantastic job at keeping rubbish off of our beaches and out of our oceans.

£425 Million Investment Plant Underway for East of England

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Anglian Water are paving the way for other water companies in England by investing for the East of England. Funds will be ploughed into the areas that matter most to customers, including a £60 million war on leakage, top quality drinking water, protecting against severe weather conditions such as flooding and droughts, and also tackling the impacts of climate change. Average bills for customers will only be £1.15 per day for entire households and bills will remain lower than they were four years ago!

In other news…

Locals are Shell Shocked

This week in a Cambridge garden, Herman the tortoise wandered into a drain pipe and became stuck. His owners were at a loss and could not find him for 28 days. His little cries were head by his owners and he was eventually rescued from inside the drain pipe.

Nobody knows how he managed to crawl so far into the pipe, which was buried several feet below the garden, but the RSPCA were called in to help with the evacuation and Herman has since been reunited with his owners and returned safely to his pen.

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