News Roundup 07/12/2018: World Must Triple Efforts or Face Catastrophic Climate Change

World must triple efforts or face catastrophic climate change, says UN

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Rapid emissions turnaround needed to keep global warming at less than 2C, report suggests. Countries are failing to take the action needed to stave off the worst effects of climate change, a UN report has found, and the commitments made in the 2015 Paris agreement will not be met unless governments … read more

Feargal Sharkey’s mission to save our chalk streams

River, Stream, Curved, Prairie, Sunrise

The former Undertones lead singer and keen fly fisherman is taking on the water companies and Environment AgencyFeargal Sharkey, the former frontman of the Undertones, is not a man who is short of opinions. By the time we’ve walked a few hundred metres, he’s discussed the plight of journalism, the … read more

The climate report Trump tried to bury – key findings No 3: water is the next battleground

Desert, Drought, Landscape, Sand, Tree

Critical water supplies will become harder to manage, as droughts and flooding continue to intensify. Key findings No 2: some pollution action is far better than none. Key findings No 1: air pollution kills. The Trump administration published a major report on climate change the day after Thanksgiving. We will explore the key … read more

Terrawatch: Roman records show lasting effects of pollution

Smoke, Smoking, Chimney, Fireplace

Sediment cores drilled from Swiss lake reveal it took 300 years to bounce back after Romans departed. All over the world lakes are in trouble. An excess of nutrients – from fertilisers, detergents and sewage – is upsetting the balance of life, leading to algal blooms and bottom-water dead-zones. Many places … read more

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