What is Structural Lining and Why is it Important?  

It is common knowledge that over time drains age and this can cause cracks to appear, water infiltration, and damage to the pipes. In the past, the solution to this problem was to replace the drainage system or relocate it to an area where there was less risk of root ingress or flooding. However, thanks to structural lining, this is no longer the case. While drain replacement or relocation may still be necessary sometimes, structural lining is an option for many homeowners.  

Drain Problems that Require Structural Lining

Structural lining in your drainage system is important for the strength, durability, and long-lasting properties of your drains. There are several things that can cause damages to your drains such as:  

  • Open joints  
  • Root ingress  
  • Water infiltration  
  • Movement of the ground  
  • Traffic  
  • Cracks

Thankfully, previous methods to fix this problem would involve excavating the area that is damaged and repairing the broken pipe. However, this process is extremely invasive and can cause significant changes to the aesthetics of your property. Thankfully, due to modern technological advancements, our team at ASL Drainage can now provide a quick, cost-effective, and efficient drain repair solution in the form of structural lining.  

What is Structural Lining?

Structural lining is a liner, usually made from a resin, that is inserted into your drain. It moulds to the internal shape of the drain and fills any damaged spaces, helping keep your drainage system strong, durable, and secure. Structural lining is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and least-invasive ways of fixing a broken or damaged drainage system.  

How Does Structural Lining Work?

When we repair a pipe with structural lining, we use advanced soft lining techniques where a polyester resin is filled into the liner and inserted into the drain. Once the liner is safely in place, it is inverted using water or air pressure. This causes the resin liner to mould to the internal surface of the damaged drain. The liner is then left to settle or ‘cure’ in the drain for a minimum of one day. However, this process can be extended depending on the type of resin used and the temperature at the time of installation. 

Once the liner has set properly, it is extremely durable and, in most cases, will outlive the pipework itself! What’s more, it has the added benefit of creating a smooth run down the pipe without any joins – so your pipes are unlikely to crack or break easily. And that’s all there is to it!  

The Benefits of Structural Lining

Structural lining is a fantastic product we are proud to provide here at ASL Drainage and it provides our customers with numerous benefits, including:  

  • Cost effective repair with minimal disruption  
  • Reduces friction factor and so increases potential flow rate  
  • Resilient to ground movement
  • Forms a barrier to water ingress and root penetration

Structural lining saves our customers hundreds of pounds and can be installed simply – in a matter of hours – without the need for an excavation. What’s more, here at ASL Drainage our drain specialists have been successfully installing structural linings for the past 15 years. What could be better than that?  

How Do We Determine Internal Damage?

Here at ASL Drainage, we use CCTV drain inspection services to thoroughly check the internal damage of your drains, noting any faults found within the system (such as root penetration, collapsed or damaged pipework, and blockages), before advising you on the best course of action. We can also record the CCTV survey for you if you need evidence of any damage when claiming from your insurance company. At ASL Drainage we’ve got all your drainage needs covered and can help sort the problem for you.  

Would You Like Structural Lining Services?

If you would like to find out more about structural lining or request our services, call ASL Drainage today. We have a team of drainage specialists available to talk through your requirements and answer any questions you may have. We know that structural lining can be a tricky subject for people to get their heads around and that’s why we are here to offer you all the advice you need. So, don’t hesitate, call us today!  

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