Drain Clearance Services, Solutions and Staff at ASL Limited

Blocked drains aren’t just an annoyance, they can cause severe flooding and damage to your property. If you discover a drain blockage, it needs to be fixed immediately to avoid bad odours, broken pipes and flooding. ASL Limited offer cost-efficient, professional and effective drain clearance services to customers in need across the country.

Drain Clearance with ASL Drainage

Here at ASL Limited, we use many different methods to unblock drains including chemical products, wet vac, high pressure jetting and drain snakes. No matter the type of drain clearance you require is, we will always find the best solution for you. We offer unrivalled drain clearance services and will rectify the problem in next to no time. We don’t just clear your drains for you, we also provide you with a solution to prevent your drain pipes from becoming blocked up again.

ASL Drain Clearance Solutions

The key to successfully unblocking a drain is understanding the cause of the blockage, the kind of equipment required to carry out the job and knowing how to use it effectively. Our professional drain clearers at ASL Limited are fully trained and equipped with the knowledge to effectively clear your commercial or residential drains completely. Below are the drain clearance solutions we offer:

Drain Rods

Drain rods are an essential item of drain clearing equipment. We use drain rods regularly for the majority of drain clearance jobs we carry out here at ASL Limited. Despite drain rods being relatively easy to use, they are best controlled by a drain clearance professional as drains can harbour numerous hidden obstacles, such as tree roots and other debris.

High Pressure Jetting

While drain rods are great for clearing blockages, they can’t always effectively remove the problem from your drains and, sometimes, they can’t even reach the blockage. Therefore, another drain clearance technique we use here at ASL Limited is high pressure jetting. Drain jetting is particularly effective as water is particularly powerful at clearing blockages caused by fat, oil, grease and other objects. High pressure jetting can access every area of your drain, negotiating bends and travelling further down the pipe. It’s a great way to clear your drain of any blockages.

Chemical Products

If your drain blockage is causing water to run slowly in your kitchen, bathroom sink, shower, bath, or even toilet bowl, our team will employ chemical products. These products will help clear your drain effectively. The majority of chemical drain cleaners contain bacteria cultures which helps dissolve blockages and residues which have been causing slow-running drains.

Wet Vac

A wet vac is an essential piece of equipment for any drain clearance job we undertake. The wet vac is designed to tackle drain blockages. Using the blower function, the wet vac will use air to force the obstruction free.

Drain Snakes

Another effective drain clearance tool is a drain snake. Drain snakes are long, coiled wires with a handle at one end. Flexible and small, a drain snake works by pushing the clog through the pipes, breaking it into smaller pieces and flushing it through the drain. Drain snakes can also be used as hooks, locating the drain blockage and pulling it out. We find drain snakes particularly useful as they can reach deep areas within the drainpipe that would otherwise be difficult to clear.

CCTV Surveys

Once we have cleared your drain completely, we will carry out a CCTV drain survey to check your drain pipes and ensure there are no further problems, such as broken pipes. CCTV drain surveys are invaluable to the work we do at ASL Drainage. We offer a CCTV survey of your drains and provide you with a schematic diagram of the site as well as a DVD recording for any insurance claims. If you have a specific drain clearing requirement, we would be more than happy to cater to your needs.

ASL Drain Clearance Prices

Our drain clearance rates are competitive and we can guarantee a remedy for your drain problem. We clear blocked drains at a fixed rate of £89. Price is subject to VAT and includes drain clearance solutions such as drain rodding or clearance to clear any obstructions. If further work is needed, we will re-quote.

Our Drain Clearance Services Include:

– Reliable and professional staff members at your premises at the agreed time.

– CCTV survey of your system if fault cannot be easily found.

– Complete analysis of your drainage system and the blockage.

– High pressure jetting if needed.

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Here at ASL Limited, we provide drain clearance services to the majority of the South East. Whatever drain blockage you are struggling with, our team of professionals are here to help. For a full list of areas we cover, click here.

If you have a blocked drain in any part of your home, commercial property or outside area, give ASL Limited a call today. Our professional and friendly members of staff would be more than happy to help you.