Choose a borehole soakaway when conventional land drainage isn’t suitable

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Borehole soakaways are used when there is poor ground porosity and therefore it is not suitable for a conventional trench or pit type soakaway. This could be due to an area with a heavy ground make-up of clay which is non-porous or other adverse ground conditions. However, beneath the clay, you may find a chalk layer which you can use to receive the treated discharge from your private sewage system.In order to determine if a borehole soakaway would be beneficial in your area, we would firstly examine the geological data for that region and confirm if there is a chalk layer and if so, at which depth the chalk layer is positioned.

Once we have established the depth of the chalk layer, we can auger through the ground to a depth of up to 20m with a diameter between 150mm – 300mm. Once the hole has been created, we will install a plastic pipe which is perforated at the depth of the chalk layer to allow the treated water to disperse evenly. The pipe would then be surrounded with flint stone and finished to surface level using a concrete cap that will allow future access to the borehole, if required.

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Boreholes – an alternative to soakaways

When there is poor ground porosity and a soakaway isn’t suitable, we can install a borehole soakaway. Firstly, we would examine geological data to ensure there is a chalk layer, and where this layer is. If there is a layer that can be used, we will bore down and install a pipe, to effectively distribute waste water at that level.