How to Tell if You Have a Collapsed Drain  

Most people don’t give much thought to the state of their drains; until they have a problem that is. We were called out to a collapsed drain in Bracknell that caused significant difficulties in and around the property, so it’s very important to know the signs so that you can get the problem fixed as soon as it arises.  

What is a Collapsed Drain?

A collapsed drain is when a pipe or drainage system has collapsed in on itself. This can be due to a variety of reasons, from tree roots and blockages, to flooding and pressure on the drainage system. One of the main problems with having a collapsed drain is not knowing the drainage system has actually collapsed. So, to help you out, we have written a list of the common signs of a collapsed drain and what you should do about it.  

Slow Running Drainage System

Having a slow running drainage system is a problem many people face and is a common symptom of blockages within the system. However, a slow running drain can also mean that part of your drainage system has collapsed. Often caused by blockages that build up over time, a slow running drainage system could be a sign you have a collapsed drain. So, if you are experiencing these problems it is best to call in a drainage professional to have a look.  

A Strong Smell of Sewage

This is certainly a collapsed drain sign that definitely does not go unnoticed! The smell of sewage emanating from the ground or the drains around the exterior of your property is a definite sign that something is not working properly. In fact, it is often a sign that backed up waste water may be leaking out of the pipes – resulting from a collapsed drain pipe. Leaking sewage in your home is certainly not something you should put up with and can pose a threat to the health and wellbeing of your family if you don’t get the problem checked out.  

Signs of Damp Around the House

Many people spot damp in their homes and assume it’s due to the weather or a leaky window. And while for some properties this may be the case, for the majority it is the sign of a collapsed drain. Damp that is found inside a property is often the result of waste water failing to leave due to a collapsed pipe. If you spot signs of damp around your home, call a professional drain adviser and they will assess the situation and then advise you on the best solution.  

Damage to the Structure

The longer you have a collapsed drain that goes unnoticed or untreated, the more severe the signs and symptoms will become. One of the most extreme signs of a collapsed drain is damage to the structure of your property. It goes without saying that damage to your home, such as cracking and crumbling walls, is extremely unsafe for your family and other inhabitants as it means the foundations of your building have been compromised by a collapsed drain. If the problem is severe, you must evacuate the building and call in a drainage company to deal with the problem safely and professionally.  

Sinking Ground in the Garden

Have you noticed that the ground in your garden is sinking in places? This is a very common sign of a collapsed drain and needs to be fixed right away. Sinking ground, otherwise referred to as subsidence is when water from a leaking pipe leaks into the ground and weakens the support of the soil, causing the pipe underneath to collapse. If you suspect you have a collapsed drain due to sinking ground in your garden, call a professional drainage company right away.  

Trees Growing Near a Drainage System

As beautiful as trees are, they can pose a significant risk to your drainage system as tree roots are known for growing into drains – causing them to crack and break over time. If you have trees growing near your drainage system and you’ve been experiencing any number of the problems listed above, it is likely you have a collapsed drain resulting from tree roots. It is best to have the tree removed and to have a professional drainage company fix the collapsed drain.  

Sometimes Drainage Systems are Just Old

There are many reasons drain pipes can collapse, as we’ve already discussed, and drains simply being old is certainly a common reason. Drain pipes, like everything else, do age and the older your drain pipes are, the more likely they are to collapse. If your drainage system is very old and you want to reduce the likelihood of a collapse, it is best to request a new drainage installation.  

You Have a Collapsed Drain, Now What?

If you’ve discovered that, yes, you have a collapsed drain your next step is to call a professional drainage company. Drain specialists are experts in diagnosing drain problems and will ensure your collapsed drain is fixed or replaced quickly, efficiently, and professionally. If you suspect you’ve got a collapsed drain, call our drainage team today and get it fixed.  

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