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Case Studies with ASL Limited

The case studies you will read about on these pages are created from live jobs that ASL Limited has attended and reports that ASL Limited has written for those jobs. All names, locations and identifying details have been changed for privacy purposes. We hope that you find the information you would like to learn about and get a feel for the detail of care that we strive to deliver for our customers. If you think you have a similar problem that we can help you with then do get in touch and we will certainly do all we can to help.

From here you can view the latest case studies below and filter them by category.

A blocked drain backed up filling the inspection chamber.
Further advantages from the experienced blocked drains person A case in point To follow up on your request, we returned to the above address on Monday, the 18th of August 2019, carrying out test holes to determine the ground make-up and to find out if the private sewage system is suitable and if…
A picture of a garden that has been partitioned and is now too small for the required drainage field.
Dear householder Further to your request, we have scheduled our waste tanker and high-pressure jetting unit to attend on 3rd March 2019 to empty the tank and jet the soakaway. We are also due to attend the site on Monday, 19th March to excavate a test hole and carry out further investigations.…
Treatment plant installation by ASL Limited
This Case Study is based on a recent job for an upgrade of sewage system. Observations Regarding your system, it comprises a square tank, which is typically used as a cesspit when installed in-ground made up of clay. Contractors, who installed the cesspits in the old days, installed them to leak…
Specially designed vacuum tank powered by belts.
It’s very difficult, possibly impossible to develop high-performance teams when there is no accountability. All procedures are preceded by a meeting of agreement. Without writing out a procedure and no support from the managers, addressing issues and solving problems without anyone taking…
A picture of our ASL Limited septic tank emptying tanker.
We were called out to investigate a blocked drain at a care home. Our blocked drains engineer, charging £69 plus VAT (at that time), identified the actual problem with the septic tank and stayed on-site to help manage and explain the situation. He was able to explain the emergency charges and…
CCTV drain survey shows surface water leak
When drains are attracting roots and surface water – A case in point Observations As promised, we have carried out the CCTV drain survey. The CCTV survey revealed damaged drains; tree roots have lifted the pipe, causing open joints, allowing ingress of surface water, and fine fibrous roots. The…
This is a photo of the fat, grease & oil removed from a treatment plant.
The combination of large amounts of fat, grease and oil and surface water Further to our previous recommendations, we attended a customer’s address on Wednesday, the 1st of December 2021. We broke up and removed thick sewage along with a large amount of fat from the existing holding tank and…
This is a cross section diagram of a Klargester treatment plant by ASL Limited
This case study is based on the proactive action of one of our customers when they were moving house. You will see from the results of our report that this particular survey presented options for the client to choose from and gave them all the information they would need to negotiate within the…
This is a picture of an old clinker bed discovered by ASL Limited whilst surveying a private sewage system for a house purchase drain survey.
On request, we surveyed the 'septic tank’ our client was told existed. You will see from the results of our report that this particular survey saved our client thousands of pounds in the negotiations of the house purchase because the existing sewage system wasn't fit for purpose. Without the…
When upgrading to a treatment plant, sometimes the old septic tank can still be used in addition.
This case study is based on the proactive action of one of our customers when they were moving house. On request, we estimated the installation of a new treatment plant as a result of the commercial survey before the exchange. Observations & Findings Based on the number of users you have…