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house purchase drainage surveys to prepare you for any surprises under ground.
Let ASL Limited clear your smelly drains
Bad smelling drains can be a sign of a number of things. Wow this weather is amazing and it's wonderful to be able to spend time out in the garden – but, my goodness! – it can really highlight bad smells coming from our drains and that is not pleasant at all. The trouble is they could be giving…
The impact of Google reviews on our business makes it too easy for competitors to impact our presence negatively.
Google Reviews can have a negative impact even when they are not genuine. Maybe it's because Google algorithms are set to downgrade businesses with bad reviews. Maybe it's because we like to receive a pat on the back for all our hard work. Maybe it's because our motivation for doing this job…
How to use a sink plunger effectively
A photo of a sink plunger The shower drain is blocked! Oh my goodness - it can't be full of hair again surely 🤢 - can it!?  It doesn't seem to matter how much you pull from your head when you wash it and ball up for the bin, over time there still seems to be enough to home a small gerbil when…
A photo of rainwater or 'surface water' guttering and down pipe - but where is it going?
Surface water pushes the sewage through the system to drainage fields and, in the case of treatment plants, potentially to rivers and streams. "Will someone please help me?" We often get calls for help because sewage is flooding out onto someone's drainage field.  In many cases, we explain…
This image shows fat, grease and oil build up in the inspection chamber of a domestic sewage treatment plant.
A domestic sewage treatment plant installation. When you pump raw sewage to a treatment plant, certain processes take place. Process; initial separation of solids from liquids Retention time is; the time it takes for solids to separate from the wastewater and how much is retained in the…
Preparation and Planning to install a new sewage treatment plant.
Before obtaining estimates: Drainage surveys are an essential part of the garden design – before the treatment plant estimating process. You may be able to provide visual diagrams – If you’ve had plans drawn up by an architect within 2 years, they can be very helpful to us. On most occasions, we…
An image of ASL Limited drainage personnel clearing a blocked drain.
The definition of experience: practical contact with and observation of facts or events. an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone. encounter or undergo (an event or occurrence). The definition of an experienced drainage specialist:  “A person with training &…
An image of a Klargester septic tank
What is Klargester? Klargester is a world-leader in the manufacturing and supply of premium wastewater management solutions, such as septic tanks. Having been operating for over 60 years, Klargester provides a variety of septic tank and wastewater products that are designed specially to benefit…
This is a cross-section diagram of a cesspool/cesspit created by ASL Limited.
​A cesspool is a sealed, fully enclosed holding tank that collects and stores sewage from your property when it cannot be connected to the main sewage system. Because of this reason, they have often considered a temporary solution for locations where discharging wastewater would be prohibited or…

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