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ASL Limited is 25 Years Incorporated in the drainage industry.
A Look at How Many People We've Helped in the Drainage Industry Incorporated in 1998, our journey in the drainage industry has been nothing short of remarkable. This year, we celebrate a quarter-century of dedication, hard work, and commitment to providing top-notch drainage solutions to our clients. As we mark this...

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ASL Limited attending a blocked drain clearance in Bracknell, Berkshire.
In the realm of drain clearance, the name Dyno-Rod has become synonymous with efficiency, reliability, and a swift solution to the often unpleasant issue of clogged drains. It's a brand that's deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness, much like how we casually refer to vacuum cleaners as "Hoovers." However...
Gully drain maintenance packages for domestic and corporate properties.
Gully sucking isn't fun, it's not glamorous and it's very easy to ignore. For that reason, gully maintenance is one of those jobs that really is better planned and executed regularly. By someone else if possible! We have put together an FAQ around gully sucking with the answers to those questions below. Let us know on... ,
ASL Limited Christmas party
Consider a festive activity at work each day for the days running up towards Christmas. This can include themed dress-up days, a company or team Secret Santa gift exchange, crafting sessions, a charity drive, and concluding in a big party or luncheon ten days before the final day. Working hard provides you with a...
Don't let your drainage let you down this Christmas!
We all tend to overdo it with food, especially meat, the turkey and the extra big chicken—lots of cream and dairy products. If there ever was a nightmare in the making, it’s not imagining Christmas food, but seeing all your guests unable to use the bathrooms and wash the dishes because the drains are not functioning...
Septic tank installation guidelines and maintenance from ASL Limited
You are now called the operator For peace of mind, Let ASL Limited be your operator The quality and hygienic impact of your waste disposal on the environment at this moment, unless you've made alternative arrangements, is completely your responsibility. Any pollution caused by your septic tank draining into a...
Gully drain maintenance packages for domestic and corporate properties.
Welcome to our comprehensive guide to road gully cleaning. At ASL Limited, we specialise in meticulously cleaning road gullies, whether on industrial estates or private properties. Residents of such estates usually have private arrangements to maintain road gullies, bearing the legal responsibility for their periodic...
Gully drain maintenance packages for domestic and corporate properties.
September is here and soon to be gone; the leaves will come down larger than flakes of snow, and when they are dry, they will be crushed by traffic and people walking on them. Inevitably that will fill our road gullies easier and quicker with Autumn debris. I hear the estate owners say, “But we only had the road...
Don't Let Drain Disasters Strike! Maintain your drains!
Maintaining clear gullies and preventing damage to drains is essential for properly functioning drainage systems. We are going to share a top tip every day over the next two weeks to help homeowners and property managers keep their gullies clear and prevent drain damage: Top Tip #1 - Regular Inspection: Conduct routine...
A septic tank being lifted into place during an installation.
Here is an easy-to-understand description of how a septic tank works using separation. A septic tank is a key component of a wastewater treatment system commonly used in homes and buildings not connected to a municipal sewage system. It works through a process of separation and natural biological decomposition. Here's...
A simple diagram of a septic tank created by ASL Limited drainage specialists.
During a recent pre-house-purchase tank inspection, we discovered that the septic tank on the property was not meeting the requirements because it only had a single chamber and lacked the required separation to be considered a proper septic tank. Unfortunately, it was impossible to modify the tank by adding a partition...

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