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ASL Limited is 25 Years Incorporated in the drainage industry.
A Look at How Many People We've Helped in the Drainage Industry Incorporated in 1998, our journey in the drainage industry has been nothing short of remarkable. This year, we celebrate a quarter-century of dedication, hard work, and commitment to providing top-notch drainage solutions to our clients. As we mark this...

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CCTV footage of surface water getting into a private sewage treatment plant
A well-maintained and serviced treatment plant should not let foul odours into the environment. Whether your treatment plant smells periodically or constantly, it is time to raise the alarm and seek professional advice. There are several reasons why a treatment plant may start to smell, all of which can be eliminated...
A photo of a cesspit ready to be installed by ASL Limited drainage and private sewage system specialists
Septic tanks Septic tanks work extremely well – often lasting 20+ years. Households over the years have been completely satisfied and would not want to change the system; they work by three significant processes, initial separation of solids from liquids, limited bacteriological action, and absorption. Septic tanks...
Fibrous routes found to be the cause of a blocked drain.
Prevention is better than cure As you know from many of our previous blogs, our emphasis on ‘preventative’ measures will always play a critical role in any drainage system’s effectiveness. For this blog though, let’s look at what happens when it’s too late and the drain is already blocked. Sometimes, you may have been...
A picture of the inside of a private sewage system - ASL Limited - Guildford, Surrey
This specialised survey could save you thousands! Whether you are a first-time buyer or a veteran buy-to-let landlord, the cost of your home purchase will equate to more than just the asking price. Your hard-earned income and savings will quickly be swallowed into the endless pot of solicitor fees, estate agent fees...
other services offered by ASL Limited such as high pressure jetting
Blocked drains are not the only drainage problem we can fix. Other services we offer are: Drain jetting for thorough blocked drains clearance Drain jetting is one of the most powerful and effective ways of clearing your blocked drains. If you would like to know more about our high-pressure drain jetting services, visit...
Baking up a blocked drain this Easter? Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash
Don't let blocked drains dampen your Easter celebrations! Learn effective solutions and tips to keep the water flowing smoothly during the holiday season. Ah, Easter – a time for joy, celebration, and perhaps a tad too much chocolate. But wait! Before you get lost in a sugar-induced frenzy, there's a pesky problem that...
This is a photo of a public road gully drain that has not been maintained and is now blocked with debris.
As we entered 2024, the heavy rainfall and flooding across the country may have had you wondering… Are my drain gullies working effectively? Whether domestic gullies or road gullies, it’s prudent to have your estate gullies serviced, emptied, and cleaned on a regular basis. Gullies, domestic and commercial, are vital...
This is a photo of the programme page for Channel 4 and Jo Lycett vs Sewage
This is a photo of the program title page on Channel 4 called ‘Jo Lycett vs Sewage’. Any attention brought to looking after our rivers is important to us at ASL Limited and we hope that lots of people will watch this programme to open the eyes and ears of the nation about what they can do themselves to help this...
A blocked drain in Guildford, Surrey
It's important that we realise what type of blocked drain operator is required to clear the blockage from a blocked drain. If we have a private sewage system and a blocked drain, there are crucial things about the drainage set-up that a blocked drain operator should know to avoid unnecessary and expensive damage. What...
A holding tank before a very large treatment plant
Many of our customers will often own properties in areas not served by main public sewer lines. Instead, these homes or businesses will be served by a treatment plant or septic tanks, which need care and regular maintenance to keep them in good working condition. This includes all repairs and emptying of your private...

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