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ASL Limited clear all drains in the South East within a 20-mile radius of head office in Guildford, Surrey

Blog articles about drainage, blocked drains & private sewage systems by ASL Limited in Guildford, Surrey.

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Don't keep your head in the sand, make your septic tank or treatment plant last as long as possible.
Keeping your head in the sand won't avoid the problems. Emptying of septic tanks, treatment plants, pumping Chambers. Emptying your septic tank regularly may be cheap but is that all there is to it? Regular emptying of your septic tank or treatment plant is necessary to keep the system…
Don't let your party or gathering be remembered for the bad smell of raw sewage!
The worst time to have a blocked drain is when there are lots of people! A sewage leakage could make your party memorable for all the wrong reasons! At Christmas time, a New Year's Eve party, birthday party or any party or gathering for that matter! The party, large or small – Most hosts,…
This is a photo of our ASL Limited busy truck!
What a year for drainage! During another year of ups and downs around Covid 19 we managed to help over 1300 people with their drainage maintaining safe procedures and following Government Guidelines (even when they weren't following them themselves!). The ASL Limited hook loader with our septic…
If the public drains are overflowing how do we know just where it's going?
Surface water pollution as a direct result of public sewage systems flooding. Many households are unaware they are contributing to the pollution of our rivers.  If you don’t know where the rainwater that falls on your property drains away to - how can you be sure it is not getting into our…
Solid fats collected from cooking to be disposed of in the food bin rather than down the drain.
So who lets fat go down their drain? "Me no I don't put fat down my sink, ever!" (avoids line of sight by looking into the air and whistling) ... Ah but that's not what I asked? I guess it's not just me then. None of us does it consciously (I hope). I know, I know, we should all know better,…
This is a photo of wet wipes found blocking a drain in Guildford, Surrey
When considering the state of our environment, it is our habits and actions that are taking a huge toll on global warming. We have arrived! Natural resources are decreasing because of polluting our rivers and fossil fuels; greenhouse gasses contribute to climate change.  If we truly want to save…
A pumping station with float switches showing pumps at the bottom.
A pumping station with float switches showing pumps at the bottom. A pumping station, roughly speaking, is a chamber containing guide rails to guide the pumps down to the bottom or lift them out again. The guide rails are very accurate and guide the pump down to, and connect snug to the…
A schematic diagram for illustration of a collapsed drain.
Structural drain lining can restore the smooth flow of drain pipes without having to dig up the surface above. Before the lining goes into the drain, the shape is restored to the drain by 're-rounding' it from the inside. The liner can be inserted or installed from manhole to manhole (inspection…
a recurring blocked drain can indicate a collapse in the drain that can be fixed with structural drain lining.
Too many blocked drains? A recurring blocked drain can indicate problems with the structure of the drain but our quick look camera survey will show us that once we have your drain unblocked. If you have a recurring blocked drain every couple of months; the untrained eye may find it difficult…
Making sure toilet tissue is the only paper that goes down your toilet can prevent you having to deal with a blocked drain.
If only paper, pee or poo can go down your loo – does it matter what kind of paper you use? A photo of toilet roll tubes which must not go down your toilet. Yes, it does. Luxury modern toilet paper – smooth, soft, comfortable to use – disintegrates when mixed with the water in the toilet bowl…

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