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Sometimes we have to close roads to carry out main sewer connections.
When working on the main public road in order to connect to the main sewer it is necessary to close the road. If not obvious this is for safety reasons for both workmen, car drivers and pedestrians alike. Space is required for manoeuvring machinery and workman need space to work. It is important in these situations, to...
A treatment plant installation
It is advantageous to make sure you use the correct treatment system for your property. Use a sewage treatment plant one size up from the size you need to treat your home's sewage, especially if you are discharging to a watercourse such as a river or a stream. If you are using a pump before the treatment plant, it is...
Treatment plant installation by ASL Limited
A sewage treatment plant (also known as a package treatment plant) treats sewage to a higher standard than a septic tank. I meet and talk to many people with large country houses with lovely gardens and the most common reason over the last year has been these new binding rules (1st of January 2020). This, in my opinion...
Our Gerry carrying out a site level survey.
Treatment plants commonly work by three significant processes: Initial separation of solids from liquids, then bacteriological action, and finally settlement before it leaves the treatment plant. The separated water is allowed to flow by gravity to and into a drainage field, stream river or watercourse. If the fall of...
ASL Limited has all the equipment for high pressure drain jetting.
The debris left behind by building work is a vulnerability prone to blockage; the cleaning or checking such requires specialist equipment, care, and attention. We do with our high-pressure jetting machines! Our team of highly trained employees specializes in high-pressure and low-pressure large flow jetting and...
Employment opportunity with ASL Limited drainage specialists.
Excited about CCTV training or learning? ASL Limited, a drainage company, based in Guildford, requires CCTV team leaders and operators excited about the training that encourages teamwork, cooperation and productivity. The successful employee will be able to carry out: Drainage surveys, highlighting and identifying...
Employment opportunity with ASL Limited drainage specialists.
Excited about training or learning? We are looking for motivated people willing to train and gain practical experience, to become ‘FOREMAN (Ganger)’ for main sewer connections on the public road. A person who provides direction and leadership to a group of individuals, "the team" for the purpose of achieving a key...
Untidy yard
It is beneficial for owners or managers, in the drainage industry, to strive for employees who produce top-quality work. In this inflationary time, I explain to my managers, that a valued employee who is supported well produces the best work, is reliable, and consistent. To value an employee who is struggling with his...
ASL Limited prepared for all aspects of drainage.
Higher wages must be in line with efficiency. Connecting to the main public sewer, adding value to people's property or installing a treatment plant to save our rivers; is all costing more! or is it? Higher wages must be in line with efficiency, in other words, innovative thinking. In order for my company to grow, it...
A photo of sewage and fat forming a brown crust around the float switches of a pumping station.
When our customer says, “We don’t put fat, grease or oil down the drain, we’re very careful.” – they are being truthful. They don’t see the grease and fat build in tiny quantities such as a millimetre during one week. They diligently scrape all the bits out when washing a pan and then put the pan in the dishwasher. The...

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