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Great camaraderie at work at Christmas time.

| Gerry Rowe

Consider a festive activity at work each day for the days running up towards Christmas.

ASL Limited Christmas Party
ASL Limited Christmas Party

This can include themed dress-up days, a company or team Secret Santa gift exchange, crafting sessions, a charity drive, and concluding in a big party or luncheon ten days before the final day.

Working hard provides you with a rewarding feeling and a sense of purpose. Preparation weeks, months or years before is key for dedicated great leaders. 

Each member of our team looks back on our commitment to excellence, satisfied knowing that they did their best, knowing they have appreciative leaders who support them so well, have so many successful jobs, and satisfied clients, showing their appreciation by supplying them tea throughout each work day.

We learn important life lessons when we do our best to give ourselves attentiveness, determination, and responsibility; the team has a good sense of appreciating a humble, quiet team member who is a problem-solver and has self-control. These lessons, in turn, are life itself, health, relationships, hobbies, etc.

Some of us work hard because we are driven to do it. Some may come from wants and needs, but most of us come from a force much larger.

We at ASL Limited believe job satisfaction is based on how we feel about our job – the components that make us feel valued and feel like we have a purpose. Even when enduring long hours or unpleasant tasks, as long as we have a feeling of being valued and appreciated our employees know they would be missed, and do makes a difference.

Managing performance requires us to strike a balance between compassion and accountability.

Good modern leaders strive to balance these two areas according to the situations in which performance needs leadership; managing this involves judging each situation on the values held, deciding a course of action and management style that is right for the situation.

We need to be caring and compassionate, never demeaning, when an employee needs help and encouragement to overcome difficulties or challenges. As a leader who has nothing to prove, I would be able to explain we need to focus on accountability and responsibility in matters of health and safety, essential processes or policies.

Assessing situations and adapting our management response is vital to managing people. If we manage people well, we manage performance well too.

"A good gauge of how you’ve done as a leader is your student's willingness to do what you’ve asked them to do."

Gerry Rowe

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