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What to-do and not-to-do at Christmas time

| Gerry Rowe

Don't let your drainage let you down this Christmas!
Don't let your drainage let you down this Christmas!

We all tend to overdo it with food, especially meat, the turkey and the extra big chicken—lots of cream and dairy products.

If there ever was a nightmare in the making, it’s not imagining Christmas food, but seeing all your guests unable to use the bathrooms and wash the dishes because the drains are not functioning; they are all clogged up.

A prudent, proactive person – looking after and taking responsibility for all the extra family at the festive time – has had their drains inspected and cleaned to make sure the drainage can accommodate the extra capacity over the Christmas period.

A household with a septic tank, a treatment plant, or even a pumping station has it emptied and serviced in readiness for Christmas before sending the invites or making and sending Christmas cards.

A Prudent, proactive, contented person can now settle down to;

  • Visit friends and family.
  • Watch some classic Christmas films at home.
  • Enjoy the Christmas lights.
  • Build a snowman. (Weather permitting 🤭)
  • Read a Christmas story together.
  • Send a message of joy to all their neighbours and passers-by with their festive display
  • Have a video call with Santa Claus.

Rather than spending time on the phone, trying to find someone who will come out around Christmas to unblock all the drains or empty the sewage tank in the garden to enable you to wash all the dishes which are piled up


You can imagine all your guests and relations will always remember 2023 at your house, but they will remember the nightmare of being unable to use the toilets and not being able to use the bathroom.

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