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The complete guide to CCTV surveys: see what’s lurking in your pipes

| Gerry Rowe

Ever wondered what’s happening in your drains?

CCTV footage of surface water getting into a private sewage treatment plant
CCTV surveys provide a clear and precise diagnosis of your drainage issues

Probably not, but CCTV surveys might change your mind! These nifty surveys involve sending a tiny camera into your pipes to detect blockages, damage, or even hidden treasures (okay, maybe not treasures, but you never know!). They’re perfect for spotting problems before they cause major headaches.

Why you might need a CCTV survey:

  • Identify blockages: Over time, drains can get clogged with all sorts of gunk, from grease to tree roots. A CCTV survey pinpoints the exact cause and location of a blockage.
  • Check for damage: Cracks and leaks in your pipes can lead to bigger issues. Spotting these early saves you a lot of hassle and money.
  • Pre-purchase inspections: Buying a new property? A CCTV survey ensures the drainage system is in good nick before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Post-repair verification: After repairs, a CCTV survey can confirm the work was done right and your pipes are in top shape.

How it works: A skilled technician inserts a waterproof camera into your drains, sending live video footage to a monitor. This lets the technician see inside the pipes in real-time and identify any issues. The process is quick, non-invasive, and highly effective.

The benefits:

  • Accurate diagnosis: CCTV surveys provide a clear and precise diagnosis of your drainage issues.
  • Cost-effective: By identifying problems early, you can avoid more expensive repairs in the future.
  • Non-destructive: No need for digging up your garden or tearing up floors—CCTV surveys are non-invasive.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing the state of your drains can help you sleep better at night (because who wants to dream about blocked drains?).

In conclusion, CCTV surveys are an essential tool for maintaining the health of your drainage system. They offer a clear, accurate, and non-invasive way to identify and address any issues, ensuring your pipes stay in top condition. Next time you think about what’s lurking in your drains, remember that a CCTV survey is your trusty underground spy, keeping everything flowing smoothly.

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