Demystifying the Types of Water Damages with ASL Limited

Water Damage

water damage

Discovering water damage is an incredibly distressing experience, especially when you cannot immediately identify the source of the water. While it may be tempting to use a bucket and a mop to soak up the moisture, it’s important to contact professionals as soon as possible. A few weeks ago we had to repair a broken drain in Bracknell where they had suffered a lot of water damage. At ASL Limited, we specialise in drainage maintenance and drain repair and so are able to get right to the source of the problem. You may also want to contact a water damage restoration company to help with emergency services and clean up, claims and insurance.

Did you know that even water damage problems that seem minor can quickly lead to expensive repairs? Water damage compromises the structure of your home and causes harmful mould growth. Some water damage can even occur within minutes of the water entering the room! The first few hours are critical to ensuring a speedy resolution.

What are the different types of water damage?

If you’re suffering from water damage, you may be surprised to know that not all kinds of water damage are the same. Although the effect may be similar at first glance, in actuality the type of water damage will determine how the problem should be treated.

Water damage varies on two levels: water quality and source of the damage. In this guide, we will cover both categories. First, we will discuss water quality variations.

Water Quality Variations

There are three main categories associated with water quality. Water can be either clean, grey or black. These names do not refer to the physical color of the water, but to the level of contamination the water carries. You should not touch or attempt to clean up the water damage unless you know the water quality.

Clean water is not necessarily drinkable, but it does not contain particles that pose a serious health risk. For example, clean water might come from a leaking sink or an overflowing dishwasher.

The next water quality category is grey water. Grey water does pose a health risk, but is less dangerous than black water. Grey water may contain soap particles, household cleaners, or human skin cells. Clean water can become grey water due to delayed treatment or to particles picked up from the source of the leak. Any water that originates from an overflowing or leaking toilet should be automatically considered grey water, regardless of its appearance.

Finally, the last category of water quality is black water. Black water requires immediate attention. It generally originates from the septic tank or sewage system. This water has come into contact with human waste. As a result, it is likely to contain bacteria and pathogens that may cause diseases. In some cases, black water may visibly contain the untreated sewage.

You will work with many people over the course of your water damage restoration. The professionals at ASL Limited will not only determine the water quality of the water causing damage to your home, but they will also repair the problem without causing unnecessary disruption to your daily routine.

Water Damages Sources

Did you know that water damage and flood damage are not the same thing? Most water damage comes from blocked pipes or appliances. It can also be caused by cracks in your foundation or a septic tank backup. On the other hand, in order to be considered a flood, the water must have originated from outside of the home. Flooding may occur after heavy rains or other severe weather.

Why is the source of the water damage important?

In addition to locating the source of the damage to perform repairs, your insurance will likely want to identify the source of the water damage because this will affect your insurance payout. Most commercial policies differentiate between water damage and flood damage.

Although it can be tempting to refer to any mass of water in your home as “flooding”, it is best to avoid using that terminology until you’ve spoken with a loss adjuster. A loss adjuster will help negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and can help explain the damage to your home in the best terms for your policy.

The Big Takeaway

Sometimes the source of the leak is not immediately obvious, and you will need the assistance of a skilled drainage repair company like ASL Limited to find the source of the backup.

Water damage is a lot like a health problem. Imagine your home was a human body. If you were experiencing symptoms of an illness, you would want to see a doctor as quickly as possible. Water damage is a symptom of an underlying problem in your home. Be sure to contact professionals who can safely get to the heart of the issue.

If you would like more information on water damage and blocked drainage systems, contact ASL Limited. For over 25 years we have provided exceptional service to clients across the United Kingdom. Trust your repairs to a company with a reputation of excellence and speedy solutions!

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