What’s the Difference Between Plumbing and Drainage?

PlumberBecoming a homeowner for the first time can be a rewarding and exciting experience. However, there are many aspects of owning a home many of us do not consider, making it difficult to prepare for the unexpected. Although you may have prioritised getting Wi-Fi and stocking up the fridge, something really important to take care of is your drainage system. Many people are often confused over plumbing and drainage, and can think that a plumber is required instead of a drainage expert and vice versa.

What’s the Difference?

But before we get started, we need to clear up a commonly asked question; how do you know what the difference is between plumbing and drainage? There is a huge amount of confusion around this topic, so with that in mind, we’re going to explain the differences between the two so that you can be more prepared if and when a problem arises.

What is a Home Plumbing System?

If you’ve just bought a new house, it’s likely you’ve discussed the plumbing with the estate agent. But what does that mean? Simply put, plumbing is basically the system inside your home that includes all the pipes, tanks, and fittings required to transport water around your home.

Having a plumbing system in your home is essential. You will know whether your home has a plumbing system or not because it will have running water and if it has running water, it has a plumbing system. Looking after your plumbing system and ensuring it is well-maintained is one of the most important things you can do in your new home. Not only will it save you money on repairs, but it will also save you a lot of time and stress.

Why Professionally Installed Plumbing is Important

Your household plumbing should always be installed by a professional. If you’ve just moved into a new house and you’re unsure whether your plumbing system has been professionally installed or not, have it checked over by an expert. If your plumbing system is not installed by a professional, you will experience numerous problems, including:

  • The structure of your house or the paint on your walls can be damaged due to leaks from faulty plumbing.
  • Incorrectly installed pipes can easily burst, causing indoor flooding and extensive damage. This can result in very expensive repair costs.
  • Incorrect plumbing can cause mould to develop from leaking pipes and moisture in your property.
  • Badly installed plumbing can also lead to low water pressure, which can be a very frustrating problem to deal with.

What is Drainage?

So, now that we’ve discussed what plumbing is and how badly installed plumbing can affect your property, we’re going to move on and look at the subject of drainage. Drainage is simply the process of moving waste away from your home in a safe and efficient manner. As a result, drainage tends to utilise the natural force of gravity to help pull the waste along the sewer pipes to join the main sewer pipes in under the road and travel to the treatment facility.

So, to reiterate, plumbing covers water going into your property and drainage covers water and waste travelling out of your property.

Why it is Important to Have an Efficient Drainage System

Having a safe, efficient, and working drainage system ensures your home is hygienic and that all waste is successfully drained from your property. The reasons having a proper drainage system is so incredibly important is because of how many problems a poor drainage system can cause:

  • Poor drainage in your home can lead to a build-up of mould and mildew.
  • Poor drainage can lead to pooling of water around your property or garden.
  • The foundation of your home can become threatened by ineffective drainage.
  • A drainage system that is not properly installed or working can also cause a musty smell to linger around your home.
  • You’re more likely to see an influx of spiders, rodents, and insects around your home if you do not have a proper drainage system.

Hopefully, the above points have helped you understand why having an efficient drainage is so important.

Call a Drainage Expert Today

Having a professional drainage expert assess your drainage system is incredibly important. While it may be tempting to simply fix any problems you experience on your own, you may end up making the situation worse, which can cost you more money and stress in the long-run. Therefore, it is extremely important to be proactive in your drainage maintenance by calling a professional who can effectively deal with any problems and help prevent issues in the future.

If you would like support, advice, and help from a team of seasoned professionals, call our team at ASL Drainage today for more information. We have a team of experts available to help you and advise you on the best ways to keep your drainage systems well-maintained and free from problems.

Future-proof your home today with help from our team at ASL Drainage.

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