Drain Lining & Structural Lining for Drain Pipes

Damaged drains running beneath a building, wall or a new driveway, used to be a headache for our customers due to the expense to excavate and renew the pipework. However, in most cases, we can repair your damaged drain by installing a resin based structural lining, which when cured, will often outlive the pipework itself. This is a fantastic product which saves our customers hundreds of pounds, is installed within hours and prevents the need for an excavation.

Once a defect has been identified in the pipework, we can provide you with a solution to rectify the problem. Our most popular method of repair is by installing a resin based structural liner into the pipework, a method which has been successfully used over the last 15 years.

The structural liner is inflated to mould to the internal surface of the damaged pipework and then left to cure. Once the liner has set, it is extremely durable and will in most cases outlive the pipework itself. The added benefit of a liner is that it creates one smooth run without any joins.

Lining a drain is particularly useful when repairing damaged pipework beneath walls or properties as an excavation is not required.

High Risk Drains

The term ‘HIGH RISK’ drain refers to a drain which is undamaged and in sound condition throughout but due to its position and/or depth would prove extremely costly and disruptive to reach and repair.

An example of a HIGH RISK drain is a run which is laid quite deep and runs beneath your conservatory. The conservatory has a solid reinforced concrete floor slab with a damp proof membrane, and is finished with slate or marble pattern tiles which probably aren’t available to buy now. To simply reach this drain should anything happen to it would include a very involved building project. There may well be other utilities running within the floor structure which will need moving or dismantling before the drain can be worked on, such as central heating pipes, electrical supplies or under floor heating. With the average conservatory being 3-4m across, the chances of carrying out an isolated excavation are slim, at best, so the entire length of drain will need to be removed.

This is a job ASL have undertaken on many occasions with costs ranging from £2,000 up to £10,000.

If these drains had been considered for preventative maintenance before they developed faults, the costs involved would have been in the hundreds. This is the type of drain we feel should be protected by a structural liner which will provide a very robust and inner barrier to the drain pipe.

  • In the majority of cases a structural liner will outlast the original pipework
  • A structural liner will have no joins allowing for a continuously smooth surface for the waste to flow through
  • All liners come with a 5 year guarantee (not insurance backed)
  • Can save you thousands of pounds if drains are lined before they deteriorate

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