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Pumping stations for your property

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A pumping station is designed to pump sewage or surface water to a discharge point such as a main sewer, soakaway or stream etc. These systems are mainly required when sewage or surface water is not able to reach a discharge point by gravity alone as the discharge point is at a higher level than where the sewage or surface water is being generated. The shape and size of the pumping station depends on your requirements, such as how much liquid or waste needs to be pumped, the distance to where the waste is to be discharged and the height of where the discharge point is.

Modern pumping stations are usually concealed underground, and constructed of a polypropylene tank with fitted internal pipework, floats and pumps. A control panel is also supplied and installed in an accessible place such as a kiosk, shed etc to control the operation of the system. As a safety measure, these systems come with either an audible or visual alarm (in some cases both) to notify occupiers that there is a potential problem with the station so that one of our engineers can be called to investigate. If you’re concerned that the system may break down when you are not present at the property, we can also install an SMS service which will send a text message to your phone if the alarm is triggered.

  • We will provide you with the best system suitable for your requirements
  • Our services include the design, installation, maintenance and repairs of your private system
  • We can cater for any size buildings from one bed properties to large commercial factories
  • Our tank specialists are on hand for any impartial advice and support for your system

Pump stations for your property

The idea behind a pumping station is to pump the sewage to a discharge point, such as a main sewer or soakaway. This is usually suitable when the discharge point is higher than the sewage treatment facility. The shape and size of your pumping station always depends on the size of your property and the land availability around.

All of our modern pumping stations will be installed underground, with a control panel on the outside for you to be able to work the pump effectively. An audible or visual alarm will also be installed for your safety. Have any questions about pumping stations? Call us today.

Pump Services

With availability across Camberley, Frimley and Bagshot, we offer a range of pump services to both domestic and commercial customers. Give us a call today to find out more information about our pump services and how you can benefit from choosing us.

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Providing you with the best possible service, we stock pumps from manufacturers including HCP, Lowara, ABS, KSB, Flygt, TT and Wilo.

Our team is available to help you undertake any size of project;

Included in your service package:

  • Wash down of tank
  • Maintenance and support on an emergency basis
  • Removal of pumps for inspection
  • Sundries if required
  • Checking of the alarm, control panel and non-return valve
  • Clean the pump and float switches, including pumping through of water
  • Operation of float switches and impeller, flow rate and integrity seals