Let ASL Fix Your Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain Clearance

  • Most blockages cleared within half-an-hour
  • General Drainage Problems
  • Fully equipped vehicles

We have an expert to solve all sewage and surface water related problems if not in your local area we will bring from another area
(no travel charges).

Maintenance: Regular visits to your premises on a planned basis can avoid costly downtime due to blockages caused by fat build up, tree roots or other obstructions in your drainage system. We currently undertake planned maintenance for:

  • Domestic drains with insufficient fall.
  • Houses with a drain problem waiting to be fixed.
  • Restaurants.
  • Fast Food Outlets.
  • Schools.
  • Food Processing Plants.
  • Industrial Estates.
  • Retail Parks and Individual Industrial/Retail Units.
  • Hotels and Guest Houses.

CCTV Surveys:

Closed circuit television (CCTV) surveys to give a speedy evaluation of suspected pipework. A CCTV camera inspects the system from the best position – inside the pipe. It is therefore ideal for finding structural damage or defects.

ASL Ltd has cameras capable of surveying drains with internal diameters ranging from 50mm to 1200mm .

We generate a report. Our experienced operatives work to a very high standard. This, together with the DVD, will detail any faults within the system and recommendations and estimates / works methods are given for any remedial work that may be required.

Pre-Adoption (prior to hand over) Surveys:
For builders, architects, developers and local authorities to prove drainage construction conforms to the relevant water authority regulations prior to adoption.

Using Tracing Equipment:
To locate and identify cause of repeated drain failure or blockage possibly caused by collapsed pipework, ground movement, subsidence or fibrous deposits, organic material build up or any other possible cause.

Root Intrusion Removal:
We can cut away roots that have penetrated pipelines using root cutting equipment, preventing blockages and expensive repairs.

Pipe Descaling:
Using our mechanical system for the interior descaling of cast iron pipework and high pressure rotational jetting for ceramic/clay pipework, the flow characteristics and efficiency of the pipework can be restored. Using our high pressure water jet cutting equipment, hydraulic milling machine or hydraulic rotary chain system any hard deposits including lateral protrusions can be removed without chutes.

‘No-Dig’ technologies such as in-situ pipe lining involves minimal disruption to the property.

There are occasions where a relining solution is not possible and there is no alternative repair solution other than excavation drainage repair. We have teams fully equipped and experienced in all types of work where excavation drainage repair or replacement is required.

Directional boring:
This method is particularly suitable for situations where open excavation is not possible. ie. under busy carriageways, buildings, streams and rivers…

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