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A pub's grease trap being emptied.
We talk a lot about fat, grease & oil and how they can damage your septic tank, treatment plant or pumping station on the ASL Limited blog. So we thought we would talk about the solutions – the steps you could take to prevent the build-up of fats, grease & oils in your drainage and private sewage systems. Whether you...
Fat is getting into our drains and causing quite a backlog!
We understand no one intentionally puts fat down our drains. We also understand that many people may not realize what contributes to the fat that does get in our drains. The fact that fat is getting in is not debatable. We see it congealed around the float switches of a pumping station or the wheel of a treatment plant...
A photographic example of a grease trap.
An insight from the installers of pumping stations and main drain connections. We are bringing this to your attention to help you safeguard your private sewage system. When measures are in place to protect your system from surface water ingress, fats, grease, etc., you will prolong the life of your system and make it...
A photo of pumping station float switch that is clogged with fat.
Solid materials that make a treatment plant, pumping station, or septic tank can experience fatigue, especially if used for anything other than what they’ve been designed for. In the case of a pumping station, if the tank has not been properly installed i.e. The invert level is too deep for the tank, diminishing the...
Rodding, light jetting and a FREE 'Quick Look' drain survey with a blocked drain callout.
If you have a blocked drain there are many problems it could cause and the longer it’s left the more apparent those problems will be. So when you can’t clear it yourself and it’s time to call the professionals how much should you expect to pay? In this article on Checkatrade they provide a table of average costs for...
The Rivers Trust Conference 2022
Having listened to the Rivers Trust Annual conference this month, I am finding myself more motivated than ever to share an understanding of surface water drainage. There were so many great discussions around how to improve the quality and function of our rivers so if you have time to listen you can view the full two...
Gerry Rowe, Owner at ASL Limited. About our 'Why'
We are a local, family-run business – established in 1998 – passionate about excellent customer service and unrivalled quality. Being a family-run business, the passion that drives the owner – Gerry Rowe – to deliver long-term drainage solutions that benefit both customers and the environment alike flows through the...
Drainage works example schedule for the week
When you need drainage works for main sewer connections or septic tank installations, ASL Limited can help you plan the timescales required for the full job to be completed. In some cases, depending on where you are located, road closure permits or public road dig permits may need to be applied for and the lead time...
This is a photo of a test hole for surface water drainage in Guildford, Surrey
We genuinely would like to know what you think on this so we have left the commenting open to allow you to give us your instant feedback on this topic. What convinces us to take action? When a doctor tells us we need to stop smoking because our arteries are clogging with fat do we listen or ignore it? Would we spend...
A treatment plant holding tank cracked from fatigue.
The effects of fatigue on your tank. Pumping stations or septic tanks can experience fatigue, especially if they are used for anything other than what they’ve been designed for. A cheap tank can end up being a very expensive one. In the case of a pumping station, if the tank has not been properly installed, i.e. with...

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