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Garden drainage solutions for your waterlogged or ponding driveway
If your property’s ground is made of largely non-porous material (such as clay) or is located on a high water table, there is a higher chance of encountering waterlogging issues. How to tell if your garden is waterlogged The most common signs of a waterlogged garden are large puddles and sunken grass areas around the...
Underground drainage pipe installation by ASL Limited
One of the hardest jobs to carry out on a property is installing a new underground drainage system. Whether the land has been recently bought and needs developing, or if the property is old and needs a new underground drain pipes system, it can be frustrating, time-consuming, and potentially expensive if you do not...
Blocked drain outside a house causing foul smells.
Why does my drain smell? A common problem our team at ASL Limited receive calls regarding – blocked, smelly drains. While this may seem like a simple issue to fix, many people leave the problem unsolved, causing serious issues over time. While a drain from the outside might look clean and seem to run smoothly, the...
A photo of an ASL Limited water mains expert in action.
Here at ASL Limited, we specialise in water main installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Are you having problems with your water mains, or does your water meter continue to spin, despite no running water or signs of a leak? Well, our team of engineers can help get your water mains back up and running. What...
A photo of a rainwater soakaway for surface water dispersement
A rainwater soakaway is essentially a hole in the ground that holds collected surface water until it has a chance to naturally soak into the surrounding soil. Here at ASL Limited, we install soakaways and drainage fields in domestic and commercial areas throughout the UK. This article aims to provide insight to help...
An image of a drainage field or land drain for a private system.
Drainage fields are constructed entirely underground. They are a form of soakaway that disperses any foul wastewater discharged from your septic tank or private treatment plant. A drain field is a series of trenches containing perforated pipes and gravel or stone materials covered by a layer of soil. A drainage field... ,

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