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Making sure toilet tissue is the only paper that goes down your toilet can prevent you having to deal with a blocked drain.
If only paper, pee or poo can go down your loo – does it matter what kind of paper you use? Yes, it does. Luxury modern toilet paper – smooth, soft, comfortable to use – disintegrates when mixed with the water in the toilet bowl. It breaks down very quickly and flushes away. It, just as importantly, is unlikely to...
This is a photo of an alarm system set up to protect the pumping station in a private sewage system.
A pumping station is quite a responsibility; one needs to choose whether they will be a reactive or a proactive operative. Some people are good at being reactive, and others are much better at being proactive. I would say if you’re good at being reactive, it means you’re a “practical”, even proactive person without...
A beautiful seascape with a manhole in the forefront reminding us how easily our pollution could have an effect.
'They' are spoiling our environment. “We have used the same person, a blocked drains man, over the last 10 years, and today to unblock the drain ‘again’, it’s smelling again, does this every time it rains!” The homeowner is unhappy mainly with what the blocked drains engineer is doing and asks him to solve the problem...
A crack in the wall of a house due to subsidence caused by a blocked drain.
When we buy a new house, especially when we upgrade to a new home, definitely if you buy an old house, even a brand-new house, most of us are likely to be faced with a blocked drain. If It’s a brand-new house, builders have been known to leave a polythene bag in the inspection chamber or didn’t connect a drain to the...
This picture shows our Darren attending to a blocked drain with rodding equipment.
If you have a normally blocked drain, we will clear it for £69 plus VAT and check it with our camera. That fee applies to domestic and some commercial properties. Some factors can negatively affect the success of clearing your blocked drain; in the unlikely event your drains have entirely collapsed, the clearance would...
This is an image of ASL Limited attending a simple blocked drain callout.
A blocked drain is quite simple if you're experienced and have the right equipment, knowledge, and experience to use it. We take less than 30 minutes to deal with a blocked drain in most cases. On occasion, a blocked drain is a simple thing: for a handy-person, not afraid to get their trousers, slacks or gloves a...
This is a photo of our Darren attending a blocked drain call out with a quick look drain camera.
A blocked drain is such an inconvenience – it’s annoying when a basic drainage system that we take for granted daily stops working and backs up overflowing in our sinks, toilets, shower or outside drains. You, most likely, want to get this problem fixed as soon as possible. Here are some helpful steps you can take to...
ASL Limited sharing the opinion of James P. Carse on The Infinite Game.
The ‘infinite game’ My understanding of the ‘infinite game’ first came from the master himself: James P. Carse, Professor Emeritus of history and literature of religion at New York University. "There are at least two kinds of games: finite and infinite. A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite...
blocked drain callouts with unachievable low prices - the race to the bottom
If the price is unbelievable, then don’t believe it, because ‘It’s a race to the bottom’. As consumers in today’s world, looking for competent and professional service, we need to be willing to pay any company a realistically believable and fair price. A price that enables a company to make sure they have done the job...
One of ASL Limited's interchangeable lorries with the tanker in place.
Whether it’s a simple blocked drain, planned project or emergency work that needs immediate attention ASL Limited engineers or blocked drains operatives can be on hand to offer competitive, high-quality drainage services for your commercial building, schools, public buildings or car parks. For more information on our...

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